PinkOculus from Alessandro Vitali on Vimeo.

Animation and Music by Alessandro Vitali
Date: 2012

PinkOculus is the name of my Major Project created for a Master at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. This project includes the realisation of a sequence of illustrations, a 3D animation and a soundtrack representing a personal interpretation of Dante's Divine Comedy.

The nature, architecture, archaeology, contemporary art and culture, are among the subjects confronted within this project. Also the colourful psychedelic art, has been very influencing for style and mood: respect the tones dark and excessively serious of Dante, PinkOculus depicts an enthusiastic vision of the spiritual world.

Illustrations for PinkOculus Inferno by Alessandro Vitali

Illustrations for PinkOculus Purgatory by Alessandro Vitali

Illustrations for PinkOculus Paradise by Alessandro Vitali